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Growth Strategy Research Department

Korea Small Business Institute(KOSI) is the research institution for the sustainable development of SMEs.

Growth Strategy Research Department

Analyzing growth factors and strategies of SMEs regarding finance, tax, start-ups, human resource, technology, etc.
Inducing sustainable growth of SMEs by removing obstacles to SME’s growth and building a healthy ecosystem for SMEs

Major Fields

  • Industry ecosystem and growth strategy for SMEs
  • Analysis and prospect on SME’s finance
  • Establishment of credit guarantee system for SMEs
  • Enhancing transparency of SME’s accounting
  • Tax system of SMEs and succession of family business
  • Revitalization of entrepreneurship and establishment
  • Revitalization of KOSDAQ and freeboard market
  • Supporting SME’s M&A, reconstruction and recovery
  • Facilitation of manpower supply and demand for SMEs
  • Human resource management and reform of labor-management relations
  • Strategy for promoting innovation system and innovative SMEs
  • SME’s R&D, technology transfer and business strategy
  • Open innovation including cooperation between firms and universities
  • Establishing a virtuous cycle of labor fostering and technology development

77, Sindaebang 1ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07074 Korea.
TEL : 02-707-9800FAX : 02-707-9892

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