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Global Business Research Department

Korea Small Business Institute(KOSI) is the research institution for the sustainable development of SMEs.

Global Business Research Department

Analysis on market expansion and global strategy for SMEs regarding marketing, export, FTA and international commerce, area studies, etc.
Promoting globalization by expanding SME’s field from domestic to global market

Major Fields

  • Strategy for SME’s globalization
  • Market expansion and marketing strategy
  • Strategy for SME’s distribution
  • Strategy for SME’s export and overseas expansion
  • Brand(joint brand) and design management
  • Revitalization of SME’s public procurement
  • Revitalization of cooperatives
  • Strategy for promoting and applying FTA
  • Analyzing the overseas market and strengthening the cooperation
  • Business of sharing knowledge for developing countries

77, Sindaebang 1ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07074 Korea.
TEL : 02-707-9800FAX : 02-707-9892

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