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Korea Small Business Institute(KOSI) is the research institution for the sustainable development of SMEs.


  • Research Reports: Complying with requests from the national and local government and SMEs, research reports are published with the purpose of making policy recommendations while the medium- and long-term policy studies done through theoretical and empirical analyses are utilized to formulate effective SME policies
  • New Bridge (NB) Research Reports: These reports are published to postulate the means of SME globalization drawn from various case studies related to the globalization of SMEs. It is funded by the New Bridge Capital SME Development Research Fund established by New Bridge Capital’s social contribution fund.
  • Policy Study: This publication is a short-term policy recommendation report that mainly proposes measures drawn from in-depth analyses to account for the contemporary issues that confront SMEs.
  • Working Papers: A collection of data during the course of research that has been systematically aggregated for reference purposes in future research


  • KOSI Quarterly Economic Outlook : This paper is an economic outlook on the domestic economy that includes an SME business outlook based on the quarterly analyses of the developments in internal and external economic trends.
  • KOSI’s Economy Today: This is a monthly on-line publication which focuses mainly on economic indicators for both domestic and overseas economies providing at a glance the overall business trend of SMEs in Korea.
  • KOSI Issue Paper: This is an occasional paper meant to provide proactive responses to the current problems that SMEs encounter.
  • KOSI WEBZINE : A weekly online magazine outlining news, events, and issues relating to KOSBI as well as news on domestic affairs and overseas SMEs.

77, Sindaebang 1ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07074 Korea.
TEL : 02-707-9800FAX : 02-707-9892

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