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SME’s Issue Research Department

Korea Small Business Institute(KOSI) is the research institution for the sustainable development of SMEs.

SME's Issue Research Department

Contribution to formulate a management strategy and policy response for SMEs by monitoring and analyzing the change of economic trend and business circumstances
Elicitation of short- and long-term research issues and business development of supporting SMEs
Development of database by monitoring and collecting policy trends of SMEs

Major Fields

  • Analysis on the trends in finance and real economy both internally and externally
  • Study on policy issues of SMEs by analyzing/prospecting SME-related issues and drawing policy implications
  • Business development of supporting SMEs as drawing policy issues by trend analysis
  • Inducing the advancement of SME’s policy by analyzing the trends, issues and policies of advanced countries
  • Study on SMEs internally and externally and development of policy database

77, Sindaebang 1ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07074 Korea.
TEL : 02-707-9800FAX : 02-707-9892

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